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The following is information about Bill No. 202, An Act Respecting the Winding Up of the Prince Edward Island Protestant Children's Trust and the Dissolution of a Trust, promoted during the Second Session of the 65th General Assembly of the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly.

Promoted by: Kathleen Casey
First Reading: April 21, 2016
Read First Reading Legislation
This is the first draft only and does not include any changes made to the legislation, if any, as it is debated and studied. Requires Acrobat Reader to view.
Second Reading: May 3, 2016
In Committee: May 3, 2016
Committee Report: May 3, 2016
Third Reading: May 10, 2016
Royal Assent: May 13, 2016
Amended: No
Proclamation Required: No
Chapter: 30
Read Chapter 30
This is the chapter for the annual volume, and is the final text of the bills passed.
Requires Acrobat Reader to view.

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