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Class Tours

What better way to understand the workings of the provincial government, and the rich history of Prince Edward Island's place in Canada's formation, than to visit the place where everything  happens?

Teachers and classes are more than welcome to visit the Legislative Assembly, especially when the members are present during a session, to experience the provincial parliament in action from the public gallery. When the members are not sitting, students can view the Legislative Assembly Chamber from just inside the entrance, giving them the same view the members have when they arrive for work during a sitting.

You will need to provide your name and contact information, as well as the name of your school, the number of students taking the tour, and the type of class (history, social studies, etc.), if applicable.

Students are asked to please leave their backpacks and kitbags on the bus, if possible.

To book a visit to the legislature, contact:

Barbara O'Donnell
Tel: (902) 368-4316



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