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Standing Committee on Legislative Management

The Standing Committee on Legislative Management is composed of the Speaker as Chair; the Deputy Speaker or designate; the Government House Leader or designate; the Government Caucus Chair or designate; the Leader of the Official Opposition or designate; the Opposition Caucus Chair or designate; and the Leader of the Third Party or designate. The Standing Committee on Legislative Management is charged with policies for the administration of the Legislative Assembly; the provision of security, facilities and services, including allocation to party caucuses and individual members; the appointment, supervision and management of the staff of the Legislative Assembly, other than the staff of party caucus offices and the office of the Leader of the Opposition; review of the estimates of expenditure for the Legislative Assembly, including the forecasts and analysis of expenditures and financial commitments of the Legislative Assembly; and other matters necessary for the efficient and effective operation and management of the Legislative Assembly. Meetings of the Standing Committee on Legislative Management are normally held in camera.

    Committee Meetings
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