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House of Commons Page Program

Each year, 40 students are selected from high schools and CEGEPs across Canada to come to Ottawa to work as Pages in the House of Commons. Pages have the opportunity to learn about the House of Commons while witnessing the legislative process first hand.

Students hired as Pages work on a part-time basis during their first year of study at a university in the National Capital Region.

In the House of Commons, Pages serve in various capacities. For example, Pages collect and distribute official documents, deliver important messages to Members, link Members to their Hill offices, answer telephones, make photocopies and deliver glasses of water. On occasion, Pages also meet youth groups to speak about their experiences on Parliament Hill. Professional, impartial and efficient service has become a hallmark of the Page Program.

Those selected as Pages sign a contract with the House of Commons for a one-year term beginning in late August. The contract precludes them from accepting certain other types of employment and from participating in certain other programs. Pages are required to work a minimum of 15 hours a week, and university course schedules are arranged in consultation with the Page Program to ensure that a Page’s academic timetable and House work schedule are compatible.

Training begins in Ottawa in late August, and Pages receive a salary throughout the year of their service.

(This program is external to the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island.)

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