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Find transcripts of daily debates and committee meetings

Hansard is the name of the division within the Legislative Assembly that transcribes the Members' debates in the House and in committees, publishes those debates, and publishes indexes to those proceedings. The published daily debates is also known as Hansard.


In the spring of 1995, a committee of the legislature reported to the Assembly that:

"A Hansard Reporting Services exists in the Senate, the House of Commons and in each of the provincial and terretorial legislatures, with the exception of Prince Edward Island...Over the last four to five years there has been expressed an increased desire to establish and maintain a verbatim transcript of House proceedings. Members of the Legislative Assembly, media, Opposition and Government Members' Offices, Ministers of the Crown, lawyers and the general public want to know what was said on the floor of the House in debate and what their representatives are saying about those issues." (Journal of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, 1995, p. 157)

Following on the recommendation that Hansard "be established...and implemented effective at the commencement of the 4th Session of this General Assembly" (Journal of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, 1995, p. 158), on February 26, 1996 - opening day of the 4th session - Hansard PEI began operations. On March 5, 1996, on the floor of the Assembly, Libbe Hubbley, MLA, said:

"Madame Speaker, it is my pleasure to rise in this House of Assembly in order to mark the beginning of a new era in this historic legislature. What I am referring to is the installation of an official Hansard for the purpose of recording the daily proceedings of this democratic Assembly. Madam Speaker, the idea for a record of parliamentary debates was the brainchild of 19th century British reformer William Cobbett. In 1810, he published the first such document. However, the Hansard name was derived from the Hansard family, who published Great Britain's parliamentary debates from 1812 until 1888. Madam Speaker, after last year's Special committee on Legislative Reform recommended the adoption of this program, Prince Edward Island is now on a par with other Canadian legislatures whose proceedings are readily available to the public. I thought it would be fitting, Madam speaker, that the first statement of this sitting of the House acknowledge the addition of the Hansard recording to the Island's democratic process. After all, openness and access to information are two of the cornerstones of any democratic system and this transcription will ensure all Islanders have equal access to the business of the government. Once again, Madam Speaker, let us acknowledge and welcome the addition of the Hansard to our Legislative Assembly and strive to make our orations worthy of note. Thank you, Madam Speaker." (Hansard, p.13)

Hansard Publication Statistics

March 31, 1998

November 16, 1999

April 2, 2002

April 23, 2004

April 26, 2006

November 26, 2008

100 issues of Hansard published

200th issue of Hansard published

300th issue of Hansard published

400th issue of Hansardpublished

500th issue of Hansard published

600th issue of Hansard published

Hansard Authority

According to Beauchesne's Parliamentary Rules & Forms, "Hansard is not a verbatim transcript of the debates of the House. It is a transcript in extenso [at full length]. In the case of repetition or for a number of other reasons, such as more specific identification, it is acceptable to make changes so that anyone reading Hansard will get the meaning of what is said. Those who edit Hansard have an obligation to make a sentence more readable since there is a difference between the spoken and the written word." (6th ed., 55, p.19)

Linda Henry
Manager and Editor of Hansard
Tel: 902-368-5371
Fax: 902-368-5175

Cassandra Bernard
Assistant Manager, Production
Tel: 902-620-3137
Fax: 902-368-5175

Sean McQuaid

Assistant Manager, Technology
Tel: 902-620-3137
Fax: 902-368-5175

Office address:
J. Angus MacLean Building
180 Richmond Street


Mailing address:
P.O. Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 7N8


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