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House Records

This page lists information on the progress of bills through Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly.

The budget as introduced by the current administration.

The Journal of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island is the official record of what happens in the legislature during a session, prepared daily by the Office of the Clerk while the legislature is sitting.

Debates (Hansard)
The record of the daily debates, also called Hansard, is the transcription of what is said in the Legislative Assembly.

Question Period
Transcripts of the daily question period held during the debates of the Assembly.

A motion is a proposal, moved by a Member, calling on the House to do something, to order something to be done or to express an opinion with regard to some matter.

Orders of the Day
The order paper, formally called the Orders of the Day, is a list of the items available for consideration by the Assembly; not every item on the order paper is called every day.

Ordinary Daily Routine
The Ordinary Daily Routine is the business agenda of the Legislative Assembly.

Tabled Documents
One way the Legislative Assembly obtains information is through the documents presented by members in the legislature. This process is called tabling a document.

The offical Rules of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, by which the business of the Assembly is conducted.

Statutes & Regulations
An unoffical listing of the statutes and regulations currently in force on Prince Edward Island. Please note that the print version of any statute or regualtion is the offical copy.

Speech from the Throne
The complete texts of the most recent Speech from the Throne addresses.

Written Questions
A written question may be asked by any member and is directed to Ministers of the Crown relating to public affairs, and to other Members relating to any bill, motion or other public matter connected with the business of the Assembly.

Video Archive
Video recordings of the debates of the Assembly are available back to the 2005 Spring Session. Videos will play in an embedded player.


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