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Information and Privacy Commissioner

Maria C. MacDonald

Information and Privacy Commissioner


Administrative Officer


     J. Angus MacLean
     180 Richmond Street
     P.O. Box 2000
     Charlottetown, PE
     C1A 7N8 

   Tel: (902) 368-4099
   Fax: (902) 368-5947


The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner is an independent office of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island.  The Commissioner reviews decisions made by public bodies of the Government of Prince Edward Island on requests for access to information or for corrections of personal information under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  The Commissioner also attempts to resolve privacy complaints made under the Act regarding breaches of privacy by a public body.  Additional functions of the Commissioner and the office can be found under Part III of the Act, at page 28. 

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

If you are receiving medical treatment in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia, health care providers, both in the public sector and private sector, are bound by the health information laws of their respective provinces.  Find out more at each of the links below:

New Brunswick Personal Health Information Privacy and Access

Nova Scotia Personal Health Information Act

"There is no information that is more sensitive and in need of protection than personal health information. This is information about our bodies and our minds." 
                                                           - Honourable Doug W. Currie, Minister of Health and Wellness

: The Information and Privacy Commissioner provided the Department of Health and Wellness submissions by open letter on our province's draft Health Information Act.  While she is happy to see many strong provisions respecting the collection, use and disclosure of our personal health information, including legislated breach reporting, she suggested adding a duty for the custodian to respond openly, accurately and completely.  The PEI Health Information Act received royal assent on May 14, 2014.  Proclamation of the Act is still pending.

CHAPTER 31 (Bill No. 42) Health Information Act

- Information and Privacy Commissioner: Maria C. MacDonald

- Role of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

- Legislation

- The Act in Brief

- How to Request a Review

- Frequently Asked Questions

- Explanatory Notes

- Forms and Resource Materials

- Rulings

- Annual Reports

- Proactive Disclosure

- News Releases and Communications

- Related Links

- 'Right to Know' Week

- Data Privacy Day

Access and Privacy Services is a section of the Community Safety and Justice Policy Division of the Department of Environment, Justice and Labour of the Government of Prince Edward Island.  It processes applications for access to information and provides government-wide policy advice and support regarding the operation of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ("FOIPP Act") and regulations, policies and procedures.

Contact the Provincial Manager, Kathryn Dickson, to submit requests for access to information from the provincial government and for assistance with the FOIPP Act.

Kathryn Dickson, Provincial Manager

Requests for information in the custody and control of certain public bodies are not processed through the Access and Privacy Services Division.  Contact information for some of the FOIPP coordinators of these public bodies can be found under the following link to the Access and Privacy Services website:

 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPP) Coordinators

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