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Information and Privacy Commissioner

Maria C. MacDonald

Information and Privacy Commissioner


Administrative Officer


     J. Angus MacLean
     180 Richmond Street
     P.O. Box 2000
     Charlottetown, PE
     C1A 7N8 

   Tel: (902) 368-4099
   Fax: (902) 368-5947


During a recent inquest into two deaths, some witnesses remarked that privacy legislation would need to change to allow for more sharing of information without permission.  Our law allows for the disclosure of personal information if someone’s health or safety is threatened.  Clause 37(1)(cc) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act permits the disclosure of personal information when the disclosure is reasonably expected to avert or minimize danger to the health or safety of any person.  Other clauses permit disclosure under various circumstances, including to employees, if necessary for the delivery of a common or integrated service, and to law enforcement agencies.  The Act does not apply to matters of child protection investigations, but the Child Protection Act permits disclosure of information without consent subject to the discretion of the Director of Child Protection.

You can learn more about our province’s privacy provisions around disclosing personal information on page 25 at section 37 of Act.  Here’s the link:

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

- Information and Privacy Commissioner: Maria C. MacDonald

- Role of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

- Legislation

- The Act in Brief

- How to Request a Review

- Frequently Asked Questions

- Explanatory Notes

- Forms and Resource Materials

- Rulings

- Annual Reports

- Proactive Disclosure

- News Releases and Communications

- Related Links

- 'Right to Know' Week

- Data Privacy Day

Access and Privacy Services is a section of the Community Safety and Justice Policy Division of the Department of Environment, Justice and Labour of the Government of Prince Edward Island.  It processes applications for access to information and provides government-wide policy advice and support regarding the operation of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ("FOIPP Act") and regulations, policies and procedures.

Contact the Provincial Manager, Kathryn Dickson, to submit requests for access to information from the provincial government and for assistance with the FOIPP Act.

Kathryn Dickson, Provincial Manager

Requests for information in the custody and control of certain public bodies are not processed through the Access and Privacy Services Division.  Contact information for some of the FOIPP coordinators of these public bodies can be found under the following link to the Access and Privacy Services website:

 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPP) Coordinators

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