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Information and Privacy Commissioner

Karen A. Rose 
Information and Privacy Commissioner

Mary-Lynn Smith
Administrative Officer


     J. Angus MacLean
     180 Richmond Street
     P.O. Box 2000
     Charlottetown, PE
     C1A 7N8 

   Tel: (902) 368-4099
   Fax: (902) 368-5947


On October 30, 2015, Commissioner Rose issued Investigation Report IR-15-001, regarding the information handling practices of the Workers’ Compensation Board (“the WCB”). The report arises from a complaint that the WCB disclosed an injured worker’s personal information to a third party, without the worker’s knowledge or consent. The WCB inadvertently disclosed the worker’s personal information to a third party, unaware that a one-page document containing the worker’s personal information was included in an envelope addressed and mailed to a third party. The WCB attributed the mistake to human error. In an attempt to minimize harm from disclosure and prevent further similar incidents in the future, the WCB established a detailed database to track reported instances of privacy breaches, and developed an internal procedure on Privacy Breach Management. Five years subsequent to the initial complaint, the WCB reported that 47 further privacy breaches had been reported at the WCB between October 7, 2011, and August 5, 2015.

The Commissioner found that the disclosure of the worker’s personal information by the WCB was a violation of Part II of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The Commissioner concluded that the preventative actions of the WCB, while reflective of a genuine concern for workers’ personal privacy, are not sufficient to protect the personal information of its clients. The Commissioner made recommendations to improve the WCB’s privacy breach response, and to promote a culture of privacy protection at the WCB. The Commissioner recommended that the WCB follow up every six months, for two years, with a report to the Commissioner of improvements made.

Subsequent to the issuance of Investigation Report IR-15-001, the WCB responded to the report, concurring with the Commissioner’s findings. Updates from any reports received by the Commissioner from the WCB may be found in future annual reports of this office.

Information and Privacy Commissioner:  Karen A. Rose

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The Access and Privacy Services Office is a section of the Justice Policy and Privacy Services Division of the Department of Justice and Public Safety of the Government of Prince Edward Island.  It processes applications for access to information and provides government-wide policy advice and support regarding the operation of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ("FOIPP Act") and regulations, policies and procedures.

Contact the Provincial Manager, Kathryn Dickson, to submit requests for access to information from the provincial government and for assistance with the FOIPP Act.

Kathryn Dickson, Provincial Manager

Requests for information in the custody and control of certain public bodies are not processed through the Access and Privacy Services Office.  Contact information for some of the FOIPP coordinators of these public bodies can be found under the following link to the Access and Privacy Services Office website:

 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPP) Coordinators

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