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Political Parties

In order to register to participate in a provincial election, political parties on Prince Edward Island must, according to Section 24 of the Election Act, satisfy one or more of the following requirements:
  • held at least one seat in the Legislative assembly following the most recent election; or
  • endorsed at least 10 nominated candidates in the most recent general election; or
  • endorses at least 10 nominated candidates following the date of a writ of electionfor a general election; or
  • at any time, except between the date of a writ of election and polling day, provides the Chief Electoral Officer with the names, addresses and signatures of persons who            
    • represent 0.35% of the number of electors eligible to vote at the last general election,
    • are currently eligible to vote in an election, and
    • request the registration of that political party. 

Parties currently registered in Prince Edward Island:

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