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Page Program

Speaker Watts with the legislative pages in the legislative chamber.

The Legislative Page program is a unique experience giving students an opportunity to see first-hand how laws are created in our province and gain a better understanding of the work of the Legislative Assembly. Most former PEI Pages agree that the experience was a great way to see Island politics and government in action. 


Participants in the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island Page program must be either Grade 11 or 12 honour students with a pleasant personality and an interest in the work.

Students are only eligibile to participate for one year.

High school principals of eligible schools are responsible to select students for the program. Principals of Island high schools have been asked to provide the name of a Page for the upcoming session. Any eligible student interested in serving as a Page should contact the principal of their school.  


Pages are required to attend sittings of the Legislative Assembly in Charlottetown for at least two shifts per week (a shift being a sitting of the House) during sitting hours.

A typical page work week will require attendance at the House for one long day (Tuesday or Thursday) and one shorter day (Wednesday or Friday). Pages are asked to be at Province House for their respective shifts, in uniform, 15 minutes in advance of the commencement of the day's sitting as duty pages form part of the daily Speaker’s Procession into the Assembly.
According to its parliamentary calendar, the Legislative Assembly opens the fall sitting on the first sitting day following Remembrance Day each year. The spring sitting opens during the first week of April each year. The length of each sitting can vary depending on the requirements and duties of the House.


Pages are responsible for the delivery of documents and messages within the Legislative Chamber, Province House and to the Legislative Annex (Coles Building).  In addition, Pages serve refreshments to Members, photocopy documents and other responsibilities as assigned by the Speaker or the Clerks.

Pages will be compensated $55 (includes vacation entitlement) for any morning or afternoon shift worked and $40 (includes vacation entitlement) for any evening shift worked, plus round trip mileage to Charlottetown from their place of residence at the prevailing civil service rates if they are providing their own transportation.

General Contact Information

Name: Bridgett MacCormac
Telephone: 902-368-4049



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