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Progress of Motions

Beginning with the First Session of the 65th General Assembly, you'll find detailed information on the progress of motions through the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly.  Click the name of the motion to find out who presented it, who spoke about it, what it says, and its status in debate.

First-reading motion texts from previous General Assemblies are available by selecting a previous session from the drop-down box.

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Motions introduced in this Second Session of the 65th General Assembly are as follows:

1passedEncouraging Islanders to participate in cancer screening programs
2 Supporting the Canada Child Benefit
3in progressContinued export growth will lead to a vibrant PEI economy
4 Examining the Confederation Bridge terms and conditions
5 Urging government to develop a long term comprehensive plan for the use of off-road recreational vehicles
6 Calling for public discussion and input on possible provincial legislation regarding assisted dying
7defeatedIncentivizing a lower carbon footprint in Prince Edward Island
8in progressAddressing contaminated sites in PEI
9 Urging greater effort towards the promotion and development of Prince Edward Island''s shoulder tourism seasons throughout the province
10in progressCalling for public engagement in the development of a long term poverty strategy for Prince Edward Island
11in progressUrging government to increase the basic personal tax exemption in Prince Edward Island
12 Commending the role of the PEI Fire School and Island firefighters
13 Calling for government to live up to its committment to review and issue a report on parking fees at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital
14passedCalling on government to explore the idea of tax credits for farmers who donate food to charitable organizations such as Food Banks
15passedIn support of the Cape Bear Lighthouse and Marconi Station as a National Historic Site
16 Urging collaborative efforts towards seasonal employment initiatives in Prince Edward Island
17 Urging multi-year funding for Prince Edward Island''s watershed groups
18 Urging support for a long-term funding agreement for ferry service between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia
19passedOn quality, affordable and accessible child care for Prince Edward Islanders
20passedIn support of the Georgetown shipyard
21 In support of the Port of Georgetown as a cruise ship destination
22 Supporting the Stompin Tom Centre
23in progressIn support of rural health care
24 Supporting economic development and energy independence with the Energy East Pipeline
25passedIn support of Boys and Girls Clubs in Prince Edward Island communities
26in progressCalling for monitoring and action to deal with the impact of wireworm on PEI
27defeatedAddressing the need for child advocacy services in Prince Edward Island
28in progressIn support of planning now for the replacement of the aging Hillsborough Hospital
29passedUrging support for improved PTSD services for Prince Edward Islanders
30in progressCalling for the development of a long-term comprehensive plan for Prince Edward Island fire services
31passedCalling for changes to income eligibility requirements for legal aid
32 Urging further investigation into a regulated midwifery program on Prince Edward Island
33passedUrging suicide prevention strategy for Prince Edward Island
34 In support of a Fresh Food Tax Credit for farmers making donations
35 Understanding bad debt
36in progressBudgetary Policy
37in progressMaintaining the integrity of open and honest debate in the Legislative Assembly
38passedUrging assistance for the costs of shingles vaccines for Prince Edward Islanders
39defeatedA Child Advocate for Prince Edward Island
40 Natural Areas Protection Act
41 Celebration of Prince Edward Island's trail system
42 Road to zero tolerance for highway incidents
43in progressCalling for a comprehensive population growth strategy for Prince Edward Island
44 Brain injury awareness
45 In support of Tignish as a solar community
46 Private Members Bill
47defeatedUrging the province to exempt all forms of home heating from the HST
48in progressAccessible internet in all Island schools
49 A Provincial Evacuation Plan for Prince Edward Island
50passedCalling for a review of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
51 In support of Prince Edward Island as an area of sustainable food production
52in progressNatural Areas Protection Act
53 Support for efforts to increase employment opportunities in Prince Edward Island
54defeatedPlebiscite on electoral reform
55 Calling for a public and internal review of the use of faciliated communication by the province of Prince Edward Island and its agencies
56 Calling for a dedicated Minister of Fisheries and dedicated Minister of Agriculture
57 Questioning the lack of transparency and consultation regarding the expenditure of $65 million of taxpayers' dollars on the construction of the Cornwall by-pass project
58in progressIn support of greater transparency and accountability in government
59 Calling for an investigation into the health and protection of the bee population on Prince Edward Island
60 In support of the Atlantic Beef Products Plant
61passedCalling for personal finances to be taught in Island schools
62passedUrging action on support for grandparents as primary care givers
63 Urging government to ensure full-service fertility and reproductive treatment programs at the Women's Health Centre at the Prince County Hospital
64 Alternative forms of irrigation other than the expansion of deep water wells
65 Calling on Thanksgiving Day be given statutory holiday status on PEI
66in progressCalling for additional support for Island foster families
67 Urging government to develop a long term job creation strategy for Prince Edward Island
68 Calling for public input on the establishment of a Prince Edward Island Lobbyist Registry
69passedEstablishing a PEI Ferry Taskforce
70 Prince Edward Island Infrastructure Summit
71in progressMotion of censure
72defeatedCalling for the elimination of the five year provincial requirement for a school review process
73 Preventing the spread of outlaw motorcycle gangs
74 Supporting a global call for Health Promotion
75 Supporting Habitat for Humanity
76 Support for population growth strategy on Prince Edward Island
77 Calling on Islanders to become foster parents
78 Preparing for the 2023 Canada Winter Games
79passedMaxmizing Islanders' uptake of federal and provincial benefits
80in progressDemocratic renewal: a clear question and a binding vote
81passedProvince House
82 Divesting from fossil fuels
83passedUniversal Basic Income
84 Ombudsperson
85passedIn Support of "Recognition of Charlottetown as the Birthplace of Confederation Act"
86 Urging government to follow the rules, regulations, laws, guidelines and policies in the operation and administration of government
87 Understanding PISA exclusion rates
88defeatedCalling on government to re-introduce elected school boards in Prince Edward Island
89 Private Members Bill
90in progressBudgetary Policy
91 Calling on government to establish an Office of a Child Advocate in Prince Edward Island
92in progressUrging expansion of the insulin pump program for adult Type 1 diabetes
93 Calling for a ban on high-volume, slick-water hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Prince Edward Island
94 Urging government to develop a carbon reduction strategy that does no include an increase in taxation for Island residents
95passedCalling for a Passport Canada Office to be established in Prince Edward Island
96 Calling for government support and engagement in the establishment of a hub-model for the greater utilization of Prince Edward Island schools
97 Calling for consultations on the rezoning changes announced by the Public Schools Branch
98 Private Members Bill
99 Encouraging a review of the Conflict of Interest Act
100 Calling on government to develop and implement a diabetes management protocol at Prince Edward Island schools
101passedCalling for government to adopt a holistic and comprehensive approach to address the health concerns of today's children and youth through the allocation of Public Health Nurses in Island schools
102 Calling on the Legislative Assembly to endorse the commitment made to West Prince by the new operators of the Mill River Resort
103in progressSustainable consumption
104 Encouraging the commercial production of hemp on PEI
105passedElectoral Boundaries Commission
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