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Progress of Motions

Beginning with the First Session of the 65th General Assembly, you'll find detailed information on the progress of motions through the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly.  Click the name of the motion to find out who presented it, who spoke about it, what it says, and its status in debate.

First-reading motion texts from previous General Assemblies are available by selecting a previous session from the drop-down box.

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Motions introduced in this Third Session of the 65th General Assembly are as follows:

1in progressTo address the critical shortage of health care professionals in Prince Edward Island
2in progressUrging Government to take immediate action to address the lack of affordable housing in Prince Edward Island
3in progressCelebrating Prince Edward Island's trail system
4in progressBetter mental health resource training for Islanders providing peer and self-help
5in progressCalling on Government to approve licenses for existing long term care beds in private facilities
6 Private Members Bill
7 Private Members Bill
8 Private Members Bill
9in progressCallig for the PEI Legislature to show its support for proposed new federal tax changes
10 In support of improved transparency and accountability in government
11 Calling on government to re-introduce elected school boards in Prince Edward Island
12in progressUrging the province to exempt all forms of home heating sources from the HST
13 Calling for the establishment of elected regional health boards
14 Calling for the establishment of a Sex Crime Investigation and Response Unit in Prince Edward Island
15in progressPerformance Monitoring
16in progressCalling for a second Deputy Minister to serve the important portfolio of Agriculture and Fisheries
17in progressTo make rural economic development and population growth a priority
18passedCalling for a Passport Canada Office to be established in Prince Edward Island
19 In support of the STEM education program
20 Calling on government to establish an office of a child advocate in Prince Edward Island
21passedCalling for the PEI government to develop a Prince Edward Island dementia strategy
22 Calling for restoration of door-to-door postal delivery
23 In support of Island foster families
24 Urging expansion of the insulin pump program for adult Type 1 diabetes
25 Private Members Bill
26 Private Members Bill
27 Special Committee on Water Act Regulations
28 Organ and Tissue Donation
29 Recognizing the generosity and contributions of the PEI potato industry
30in progressOmbudsperson
31in progressDivesting from fossil fuels
32in progressModernization of the Legislative Assembly Sitting Hours
33in progressBudgetary Policy
34in progressAdopting consensus government option on electoral reform referendum ballot
35 Private Members Bills
36 Expedite access to midwife services on PEI
37in progressCalling for the establishment of a Marine Protected Area in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
38 Supports for ostomy patients
39 Electoral Reform
40in progressEncouraging government to adopt a "Health in all Policies" approach to governance
41in progressCampaign finance reform
42in progressRural governance
43in progressCalling on the Legislative Assembly to adopt a clear question for the upcoming referendum on democratic renewal
44defeatedUrging the current government to honour the vote of Three Rivers unincorporated plebiscite
45 Private Members Bill (Bill No. 105)
46 Private Members Bill (Bill No. 106)
47 Private Members Bill (Bill No. 107)
48 Private Members Bill (Bill No. 108)
49 Private Members Bill (Bill No. 109)
50 Private Members Bill (Bill No. 110)
51passedMotion of Condolence
52 Recognizing the generosity and contributions of the PEI potato industry
53 Private Members Bill (Bill No. 113)
54 Private Members Bill (Bill No. 114)
55in progressTo recognize the strength of the provincial economy
56in progressSecurity and dignity for all Islanders
57in progressUrging an audit of the Provincial Nominee Program
58in progressWomen's Shelter
59in progressCalling on Legislative Assembly to support historic investments in Islanders and families
60 Modernizing provincial government agencies, boards and commissions
61passedRemoving HST from facility rentals for non-profit organizations
62defeatedCarbon Tax cost analysis for families and individuals
63in progressCommitment to improve rural roads
64 Commitment to improve gender equality
65in progressCommitment to support the community sector
66 Urging support for a long-term funding agreement for ferry service between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia
67 Promotion of immigrant recruitment and retention
68 Calling for a federal environmental impact assessment for the Northern Pulp effluent treatment facility
69passedMotion of Condolence
70 Calling on government to establish a universal free Island-Wide school lunch program
71in progressHousing First
72in progressCommitment to improve gender balance in the Legislature
73in progressSeeking improved governance
74passedRecognizing those who help students and staff through traumatic events
75 Regretting this Liberal Government's eleven years of inaction to address affordable housing
76defeatedCommit Bill 38 to the Special Committee on Democratic Renewal
77passedCommit reduction and recycling of plastics to the Standing Committee on Communities, Land and Environment
78 Calling on all Members of the Legislative Assembly to support the federal government's efforts to address recent tariffs announced by the United States and their ongoing trade negotiations, and to exp
79 Urging the Federal Government to accept our Provincial Government's Climate Change Plan
80passedCalling on the Legislative Assembly to express our shared grief in honour of the two individuals who died tragically as a result of a boating accident
81 To recognize the historic investments in strategic infrastructure across Prince Edward Island
82 Expressing confidence in environmental stewardship for Island Farms
83 Remembering and Honouring our Veterans
84 Islanders believe in our Island communities, and are opposed to forced annexation and amalgamation
85 Islanders believe in continuing the Prince Edward Island legacy of protecting the environment and not a carbon tax
86 The PC Caucus is committed to making rural health care services a priority
87in progressPromoting the use of cloth diapers
88 Soil health
89 Action on climate change
90passedBanning conversion therapy
91passedRecognizing and Supporting the Moose Hide Campaign
92 Commend the Primary Sectors for their use of innovation and technology
93 Making all Legislative Management Committee Meetings open to Islanders
94 Reducing housing need
95 Stabilizing the housing market
96 Increasing housing capacity
97 Supporting ATV networks in Prince Edward Island
98 Energy East
99 Pink Shirt Day
100 Improving The Sexual Health Curriculum
101 Bring back the famous 'Dial an Isle' Campaign
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