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Progress of Motions

Beginning with the First Session of the 65th General Assembly, you'll find detailed information on the progress of motions through the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly.  Click the name of the motion to find out who presented it, who spoke about it, what it says, and its status in debate.

First-reading motion texts from previous General Assemblies are available by selecting a previous session from the drop-down box.

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Motions introduced in this First Session of the 66th General Assembly are as follows:

1passedCalling on Legislative Assembly to refer wellness to the appropriate Standing Committee
2in progressAssembly consider method of public review of legislation prior to approval
3 Calling on Legislative Assembly to refer National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls to the appropriate Standing Committee
4in progressReferral of Childhood vaccination to appropriate Standing Committee
5 Support for the construction industry
6 Celebrating the history and culture of Acadia
7 To develop a made in PEI solution for improved internet
8 PEI needs an integrated strategy to address problematic substances
9 Support for farmers fighting climate change
10in progressRecognizing the mental health of Island first responders
11 Support for Waterfowl, Wetlands and the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture
12in progressPets in Public Housing
13passedEnding the Practice of Heckling
14passedImproving The Sexual Health Curriculum
15passedCalling on the Legislative Assembly to express our shared grief in honour of Josh and Oliver Underhay
16in progressHonouring the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and the Normandy Landings
17 Chlorothalonil Ban
18 Climate Change Crop Study
19 Organic Food Product Certification
20 Net Zero Now
21passedImproving Youth Access to Contraception
22 Define Affordable and Inclusive Housing
23 Providing a Greater Voice to Rural Islanders
24 Creating a Rental Registry
25 Supporting Aging in Place
26in progressBudgetary Policy
27in progressSmall Business Corporation Tax
28 Support for farmers fighting climate change
29in progressUrging Government to facilitate the development of a livestock strategy
30 Calling on Legislative Assembly recognize importance of bluefin tuna
31passedSupport for Collaboration on National Pharmacare
32 Duration of Ownership basis for issuing vehicle registration permits
33 Supporting Islanders living with Type 1 diabetes
34 Expanding scope of practice for Island health professionals
35 Organ and tissue donation based on presumed consent
36passedCreation of a special committee of the Legislative Assembly on Poverty in PEI
37passedCreation of a special committee on climate change
38 Urging immediate action to help low income Islanders
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