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Tabled Documents

  • Documents Tabled by Command

  • Documents Tabled by Leave

  • All Tabled Documents

    One way the Legislative Assembly obtains information is through the documents presented by members in the legislature, such as reports, budgets, and bills. These documents are presented to the Assembly during the Ordinary Daily Routine, and the process is called tabling a document.

    There are two forms for tabling documents: by command, and by leave. Some documents, such as departmental and financial reports, are required by law to be tabled every session; these documents are tabled by command. Other documents, such as articles from newspapers or correspondence, are tabled by leave. The member presenting the document must ask the permission of the Assembly to enter the information into the record.

    Once a document is accepted by the members on the floor of the legislature, it becomes part of the public record, accessible to anyone.

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