Standing Committee on Education and Economic Growth

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Starting Date:
2022 Feb 01 — 1:30 PM

The committee will meet to receive two briefings:

1. Briefing from the Workers Compensation Board of PEI (via Zoom) on:

  • Impacts on long-term recipients of workers compensation
  • Distribution of surplus funds to employers
  • Reporting of workplace deaths
  • PTSD among first responders

2. The committee will hear from the PEI Federation of Labour (via Zoom) on the following topics:

  • Skill gaps in the workforce
  • Labour shortages
  • Minimum wage
  • The province's economic recovery
  • The increasing cost of living
  • Barriers to recruiting and retaining immigrants

Presenters: PEI Federation of Labour President, Carl Pursey and Administrative Assistant, Cristina Duskey

The public gallery is closed to the public. The meeting will be live-streamed on the Legislative Assembly's website and Facebook page.