House Records

The records of the Legislative Assembly are public documents that contain the discussions, debates, and decisions of the elected members of Prince Edward Island's parliament.

An image of bound books on a shelf
The official record of the decisions and actions of the House
An image of bound books on a shelf
In Hansard you can search the record of what is said during debate in the chamber
An image of the head of the ceremonial mace
Questions to government asking for detailed information
An image of blue papers used for printing bills
Legislation under consideration by members
Issues presented by members for debate of the whole legislature
An image of the clerk's table and the speaker's chair in the legislative chamber, with pages seated on the dais
Reports and documents presented by members
An image of people in the legislative chamber
Transcripts of the week's recent question periods
An image of the top of the ceremonial black rod
The business agenda for the legislature