One of the important roles of the Legislative Assembly is to review and approve proposed laws presented by Government and private members as bills.

Public bills are laws proposed by Government, and private members' bills are laws proposed by private members (those members who are not in Cabinet). Private bills are proposed laws that govern a small number of people in a private or local matter, such as a corporation, charity, religious group, or service club.

All bills must go through several steps before becoming law. The search tool below provides details on the progress of bills through the stages of debate and a link to the text of the bill, for all bills from the 1st Session of the 60th General Assembly to the present (March 1997-present).

You can fill in any combination of fields below to search the Bills. For example, typing "2019" in the Year box will give you a list of all the Bills for 2019, in reverse number order. Filling in more than one search option will narrow your results.

If there is no proclamation section or effective date included in the legislation, then the bill comes into force when it receives Royal Assent.