Committee Documents

Committees investigate issues important to Island society, government administration, and public program delivery. Committees hear presentations from advocacy groups and community support organizations, or call the government or the public service to appear and explain policy actions or administrative decisions.

Committees create three types of records:

  • Committee reports contain recommendations by the committee to the Legislative Assembly on issues it investigates. 
    • Reports from November 2002-present are available in this search.
  • Committee transcripts are printed records of the meeting discussions and presentations to the committee.
    • Transcripts from January 2002-present are available in this search.
  • Committee presentations are PDF versions of electronic or written presentations made by individuals and organizations at committee meetings.
    • Presentations from June 2023-present are available in this search.

Filling in more search fields will narrow your results. For example, searching by "Year" and typing "2023" in the Year box gives you a list of all documents for all committees for 2023. Choosing a type of committee document or adding a keyword for a committee or topic will give you more specific results.

View the lists of current committees and past committees.