Written Questions

Besides asking the Government questions during oral question period, private members of the legislature can submit written questions to Ministers asking for detailed information as a means of holding the Government responsible for its decisions and actions. Written questions usually require a more complicated answer than questions asked during oral question period, so they are submitted in writing through the Office of the Clerk to the Minister responsible for the topic.

All written questions for the 65th General Assembly to the present (2015-present) are contained in the search tool below. Once a question has been answered, the answer is added to the record. 

You can fill in any combination of fields below to search Written Questions. For example, typing "2019" in the Year box will give you a list of all the Written Questions for 2019, by question number. Filling in more than one search option will narrow your results.

This tool searches written questions (and all answers submitted to date) for the years 2015-present.